Oct 182017

The 22nd session will be like this:

Dates confirmed but more details to come

April 6-15: In France an Academy of prayer; 10 days of extended teaching on intercessory prayer by Leon Coetzee from South-Africa


April 17: Arrival in Bucarest and first meeting in the evening

April 18-20 : Prayer in Bucarest

April 21 : Travel to Chisinau

April 22-23: Prayer in Chisinau

Coordinator for the 2 capitals: Henning Schikora: henning.schikora@gmail.com



Jan 302017

The 20th session will be like this:

Dates confirmed:

May 20-22, 2017: Prayer in Talinn, Estonia

May 23: Travel to Riga

May 24-26: Prayer in Riga, Latvia

May 27: Travel to Villnius

May 28-30: Prayer in Villnius, Lithuania

Feed-back and finish by noon May 30

Coordinator for the 3 capitals: Henning Schikora: henning.schikora@gmail.com

Coordinator for Riga: Cheryl Harrison: serolah@gmail.com

Coordinator for Talinn: Annelise : annelise@ywamestonia.com

Coordinator for Vilnius: Jeremy Barry : jeremybarryrandall@gmail.com



Mar 042016

These can be the dates for the 19th session: February 21-25, 2017

Dates to be confirmed and details added.

Feb 21: prayer in San Marino

Feb 22: Travel to Rome

Feb 23: start at 3 pm with spiritual history and mapping of Rome and the Vatican, then worship and prayer in the evening.

Feb 24-25: Prayer in Rome and Vatican

Coordinator for Rome and Vatican is Emanuele Di Martino : emanuele@cristosperanzaitalia.it

Information for San Marino: Henning Schikora: henning.schikora@gmail.com

Dec 172014












The 15th session will be like this:

Dates confirmed!

Nov 1-3, 2015 Mornings will be teaching in Madrid

Nov 1-3 Afternoons Prayer around Madrid at Strategic Locations.

Nov 4 Teaching and Prayer in Toledo (The Old Capital)

Nov 5: Travel to Lisbon

Nov 6 Free Day until Evening Teaching

Nov 6 (Evening) – Nov 9 is Teaching and Prayer on Location in Lisbon.

Nov 10: travel to Gibraltar

Nov 11-12 Teaching and Prayer on location in Gibraltar.

Nov 12 Evening Finish

Coordinator: Steven Hanratty : stehanratty@hotmail.com

Sep 062014

The 13th session will be like this:

Dates and details confirmed!

April 30 or before: Arrival in Thorshavn

Arpil 30-May 3, 2015: Nordic prayer conference in Thorshavn where OCE join and prayer for the government included

May 4 or 5 : Travel to Reykjavik,Iceland / or day of rest.

May 5-7: Prayer in Reykjavik

Start May 5 at 7 pm and finish at night May 7.


For the nordic prayer conference:Tummas Jacubson: tumjac@kallnet.fo

For Reykjavik: Souleymane Sonde: souleymane.sonde@gmail.com

For the travel to the 2 capitals: Henning Schikora: henning.schikora@gmail.com

F.y.i.: You can fly with https://www.atlantic.fo/en/ from Copenhagen to Vâgar (Faroe Islands) and from Vâgar (Faroe Islands) to Reykjavik (Iceland).

From Reykjavik to Copehagen or another place in Europe you can try http://www.icelandair.com/