Sep 062014

The 13th session will be like this:

Dates and details confirmed!

April 30 or before: Arrival in Thorshavn

Arpil 30-May 3, 2015: Nordic prayer conference in Thorshavn where OCE join and prayer for the government included

May 4 or 5 : Travel to Reykjavik,Iceland / or day of rest.

May 5-7: Prayer in Reykjavik

Start May 5 at 7 pm and finish at night May 7.


For the nordic prayer conference:Tummas Jacubson:

For Reykjavik: Souleymane Sonde:

For the travel to the 2 capitals: Henning Schikora:

F.y.i.: You can fly with from Copenhagen to Vâgar (Faroe Islands) and from Vâgar (Faroe Islands) to Reykjavik (Iceland).

From Reykjavik to Copehagen or another place in Europe you can try

Feb 282013

The 11th session will be like this:

Dates confirmed! More details to come

June 17, 2014: Arrival in the Balkans

June 18-21, 2014: “European Trumpet Call” in Skopje, Macedonia

Prayerevent organised by locals believers in collaboration with several European Prayer Networks

June 22 Travel to Podgorica

June 23-24: Prayer in Podgorica

June 25: Travel to Sarajevo

June 26-28: Teaching, worship and prayer in Sarajevo

Coordinator for Podgorica: Dag Rane Schjelderup:

Coordinator for Sarajevo: Robert Jurjevich:

Coordinator for the travel to Podgorica and Sarajevo: Henning Schikora:

Mar 282012

The 8th session will be like this:

Dates confirmed! (and more details to come)

Feb 20: Arrival in Sofia

21 February, 2013: Teaching and worship in Sofia.

22-23 Feb: Prayer in Sofia

24 Feb: Sunday service in Sofia and travel to Skopje

25-26 Feb: Prayer in Skopje

27 Feb: return home

Informations and registration for Sofia: Philip Rashev:

Informations and registration for Skopje: Sasha Vuletic:

registration for both capitals: Philip Rashev

Mar 282012

The 9th session will be like this:

Dates confirmed!

22-24 April, 2013: Teaching in Bratislava. (from 6 pm on April 22)


By Timotea Vráblová:
1) Preparing spiritual highways
2) How to read God’s signs in the city (or in any other places) and how to respond to them reflecting Christ’s priesthood and kingship.
3) Creative prayer as an extended way of prophetic intercession.

By Henning Schikora: Strategic prophetic intercession

25 April: Travel to Budapest

26-27 April: Prayer in Budapest

27 April: Travel to Bratislava

28-29 April: Prayer in Bratislava

30 April: Travel to Vienna

1-2 May: Prayer in Vienna

Coordinator: Timotea Vrablova:

Feb 282013

The 10th session will be like this:

Dates confirmed!  More details to come

March 31, 2014: Arrival in Tirana

April 1-3, 2014: Teaching in Tirana

April 4-5: Prayer in Tirana

April 6: Travel to Pristina

April 7-8: Prayer in Pristina

Coordinator and infos for Tirana: Barry Ogden:

Coordinator and infos for Pristina: Jeff McLaughlin:

Coordinator for the trip: OCE-leader in the Balkans: George Markakis :

Mar 222011

The sixth session will be like this:

Dates confirmed!

June 20: Arrival in Cardiff

June 21-22, 2012: Teaching in Cardiff

June 23-24: Prayer in Cardiff

June 25: Travel to London

June 26-27: Teaching in London

June 28-29: Prayer in London

For more information contact Jennifer Page and Steve Hanratty

Coordinator: Steve Hanratty:

Registration: Jennifer Page:

or web-site:

May 132012

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